Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shiatsu Helps Induce Labor in Post-Term Pregnancy

A study in England on 66 post-term women (those who attended a hospital clinic after 40 weeks gestation) showed that women who employed shiatsu techniques were significantly more likely to have spontaneous labor than the non-shiatsu group who more frequently required induced labor.

"The Effects of Shiatsu on Post-Term Pregnancy" evaluated the effects of shiatsu techniques, as taught by hospital midwives, on the progress of post-term labors and deliveries. The study was conducted by staff at St. Michael's Hospital, Bristol, England, from March to July 2000.

The subjects attended a hospital consultant clinic appointment at 40 weeks gestation and were taught the massage techniques by a midwife who had completed a six-day shiatsu course. The control group consisted of 76 women who attended similar clinics but were not taught the shiatsu techniques.
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